Joint Meeting of the KCRHA Governing Committee and Implementation Board

10/15/20 10:00 am – noon, held via Zoom.

10/15 Joint Meeting Materials:

  • Meeting Agenda
  • Theory of Change recommendations

This meeting will focus on a facilitated dialogue about centering equity and the Theory of Change. This references the Theory of Change created by community and adopted by the King County Continuum of Care board last year.

The Theory of Change will be discussed during Thursday’s meeting: If we create a homelessness response system that centers customer voice, then we will be able to focus on responding to needs and eliminating inequities, in order to end homelessness for all.

The meeting will be conducted via Zoom. The meeting page will be updated with Zoom login information on Thursday.

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  1. I’m interested in receiving the transcripts of and all materials from IB and GB and Joint meetings of the KCRHA. I am having difficulty technology-wise. For instance, I do not have a Meeting ID for the 10.15.2020 joint meeting. Is it possible for me to pick materials up? Will somebody please give me an email address so I may contact you to get some information? Please contact me: Marilyn Brink, (206) 790-0554: 910 Marion St. #308, Seattle, WA 98104.

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