COC Advisory Committee Meeting Update

The COC Advisory Committee meets every month:
The regular meeting of the Continuum of Care (COC) Advisory Committee will be the first Tuesday of each month, from 2 PM-4 PM.

The upcoming regular meeting will be on May 5, from 2-4 PM.

Materials are now available.


  1. so this week the CoC meets on May 5, Wednesday, and in the future it is the 1st Tuesday?

  2. Please describe the focus of this group? How involved can they be in the Continuum of Care for previously homeless in ” Permeant Supportive Housing, and also contracts DCHS awards for the homeless population in King County.

  3. Hello, as Bill noted, this week’s meeting is Wed, May 5 and the agenda states next meeting is Wed, June 2. Is this meeting the first Wednesday of every month, or in fact the first Tuesday?

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