Wildfire Smoke, Unhealthy AQI Shelter: 10/10/22

Due to an unhealthy Air Quality Index, the Regional Homelessness Authority is activating a Severe Weather Shelter at Compass in Downtown Seattle on Monday, October 10, to extend hours today and overnight in order to provide a safer option for people experiencing homelessness during this period of poor air quality.

The following shelter will be activated:

Compass Housing Alliance

  • 77 S. Washington, Seattle
  • The day center will extend hours to 7pm, with an option to remain open overnight, if needed, until 7am, with meals and access to the hygiene center

In partnership with Public Health, the RHA has also made additional supplies available to outreach workers and service providers.

We will keep a close eye on air quality and adjust our response if necessary. Click here to see a map of current wildfires and smoke information.