5 Year Plan

The RHA is developing a 5-Year Plan, informed by the Regional Action Framework and National Innovation Service Recommendations, that will guide our work going forward. This implementation plan will guide our budget requests as well as any redesign and procurement of services. The plan is required by the Interlocal Agreement, and will be released in Fall 2022.

Better Data

The latest integrated data analysis shows at least 40,000 people are experiencing homelessness in King County. This data hits the reset button on our response, and calls for significantly more investment in the tools, services, and workforce required to ensure that every person has access to basic needs.

Through our Understanding Unsheltered Homelessness Project, we engaged nearly 600 people to learn more about the experience of living unsheltered in different parts of King County. That information will help us improve the system.

We are working towards a “By Name List” that will build on cross-systems integrated data and add granular information about who is homeless, where they are, which service providers are involved, and what they need. A By Name List turns numbers back into people, and the information follows the person, similar to secure electronic medical records. 

Partnership for Zero

Supported by a public-private partnership, we are using an emergency management framework to work towards “functional zero” homelessness on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis. Learn more.

Systems Advocates 

Thanks to a seed grant from We Are In, the RHA is hiring a team of Systems Advocates (also known as Peer Navigators) to ensure that people living unsheltered have an ally who will stick with them from homeless to housed. The Systems Advocates will pilot their efforts with Partnership for Zero.

High Acuity Services

In order to address visible homelessness, we must work across sectors to meet the needs of people in acute behavioral health crises, people with co-occurring disorders, and people who are elderly or medically fragile.

New Programs

Funding for three new emergency shelters in Seattle has been approved, and we are currently evaluating proposals for a safe parking lot that can host people who live in RVs. We are working together with the King County Dept. of Community & Health Services to expand a site in SoDo with high-acuity services. We will be working with service providers to improve the system in other ways, and encourage you to sign up for our newsletter to stay informed.