Real Solutions to the
Homelessness Crisis

King County Regional Homelessness Authority is here to create change now and for the future.

Using an Evidence-Based Approach

KCRHA is centering people with lived experience of homelessness in everything we do. We rely on data, proven practices, and principles of social justice and racial equity. We support dignity and self-determination in designing and implementing a homelessness response system that will help people thrive.

Accurate Data You Can Trust

Data is a critical tool for preventing and ending homelessness. Many variables affect homelessness and the situation is often changing. Up-to-date information is essential to understanding our system’s ability to meet the need and identifying effective strategies for addressing the crisis.

Recent News & Updates

Two people work through financial documents.

KCRHA Response to Audits & Monitoring Reports

The King County Regional Homelessness Authority is in a time of transition. Since the departure of our first CEO, the agency has been conducting a full assessment…Read More

Screenshot of KCRHA Data Dashboards as of September 27, 2023

Updating Data Standards and Dashboards

Updated federal data standards, which determine what information is collected in HMIS (the Homeless Management Information System), go into effect on October 1,…Read More

A group of kids with backpacks hurries into a school.

Back to School and Student Homelessness

Housing stability is a predictor of success—or lack thereof—in school-aged youth. Students who are experiencing homelessness, or have experienced homelessness,…Read More