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What is the Regional Action Framework?

The Regional Action Framework provides and overview and recommendations for coordinated public and philanthropic efforts to address homelessness. It articulates a clear vision and priorities, recommends policies, strategies and actions, and establishing measures for success. However, it is not an implementation plan for the RHA.

The framework is not a static document. While the framework’s development was a critical milestone in our community’s journey, to be successful we must be diligent and disciplined in our process, dynamic in our planning and rigorous in our efforts to measure progress. We will remain nimble and flexible enough to revisit the framework as needed to make mid-course corrections as needed.

The framework balances on the “3 legs of a stool,”:

  1. Creation and implementation of a King County Regional Homelessness Authority (KCRHA) to consolidate funding and policy regarding homeless crisis response activities across Seattle and King County, and to provide an accountability mechanism for community-wide action and alignment.
  2. Development of an External Partners Group (coordinated by Building Changes and now known as We Are In) to ensure that community leaders in business, philanthropy, those who have lived experience with homelessness, and advocates can coordinate and align with the KCRHA to cultivate, share, and promote solutions to homelessness.
  3. Design of a Framework for Regional Action, a shared vision and priorities, sufficiently resourced, with specific strategies and actions that work for the whole community.

Take a look at the framework:

Click here to view the Regional Action Framework

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