Incentive Package for Landlords & Housing Providers

Guaranteed rent and good tenant coaching included in incentive package in exchange for tenancy screening flexibilities; plus powerful sense of action and effectiveness in partnering to end homelessness for unhoused neighbors

A comprehensive incentive package is now available to private landlords and housing providers who can bring additional housing units to a coordinated effort to end homelessness, through the Housing Command Center (HCC) announced earlier this month. The Housing Command Center seeks 800 units to support this effort.

The incentive package is available to reduce or eliminate standard tenancy screening criteria, match ready-to-rent tenants with vacant units and address concerns that landlords may have about renting to a person who previously experienced homelessness.

The Incentive Package includes:

  • Guaranteed Rent and One-Time Move-In Costs. Eligible landlords and tenants receive the full amount of rent, with guaranteed on-time payment by a third-party fiscal agent partnering with the Housing Command Center. The Housing Command Center covers the cost of security deposits and other one-time move-in expenses.
  • Good Tenant / Good Neighbor Coaching. Systems Advocates from the Regional Homelessness Authority will support tenants in understanding rental responsibilities, apartment upkeep and being a good neighbor.
  • Human Service Supports and Regular Home Visits. Building on the trusted relationship that our Systems Advocates from the Regional Homelessness Authority have with prospective tenants, the Regional Homelessness Authority will ensure ongoing connection between tenants and human service providers to ensure that tenants are set up for success. Systems Advocates will conduct regular home visits to identify and address any concerns early and ensure that tenants are adapting well to their new home.
  • Mediation Support. Despite best efforts, problems may occasionally arise, and it is reassuring to know that there is someone to call. The Regional Homelessness Authority’s Systems Advocates are available to help facilitate a solution.

Landlords & Housing Providers can access the incentive package by:

  • Agreeing to apply alternative screening criteria to promote maximum acceptance of referrals from the Housing Command Center.  The structured support package provides enhanced, layered services available to tenants and landlords.
  • Agreeing that alternative screening criteria will not include credit checks and prior evictions as disqualifying sources.  Often the experience of homelessness limits the utility of these data points – if these assets were available to end an individual’s experience of homelessness, they would have used them.
  • Adhere to the requirements of Seattle’s Fair Chance Housing ordinance.
  • Agreeing to prompt communication with the Housing Command Center for any application that is denied and the reasons for the denial.
  • Interested landlords and housing providers should contact

There are unquantifiable—but scientifically proven—benefits of giving back to community as well. Studies have shown that helping others lowers stress levels, improves self-esteem, and creates a sense of social connection. Landlords and housing providers who take the affirmative steps of participating in this effort are leaders who deserve our thanks and applause.


“We often receive the question, ‘what can I do to help?’” said Marc Dones, CEO of the King County Regional Homelessness Authority. “This is one very clear way that you can take action and be part of a community effort to end homelessness.”

“Landlords are critical partners in our efforts to rehouse our community members,” said HUD Northwest Regional Administrator Margaret Salazar. “It will take partnership at all levels to ensure success, but I believe we can end homelessness when we all work together, and we invite you to be part of the solution.”

“Progress on the homelessness and affordable housing crises in our community requires collaboration and a united effort,” said Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell. “Bridging the gap to connect people in need of permanent, stable, affordable housing with housing available right now is critical. Increasing our stock of affordable housing takes time and work, but leveraging the units built and available right now is a practical and essential step to help those in need and deliver results.”

“Unsheltered homelessness is one of our most urgent challenges in the region. Bringing more people inside, reducing barriers to housing, and providing access to service supports means healthier communities for everyone,” said King County Executive Dow Constantine. “The Housing Command Center’s work to coordinate these actions and implement solutions is critical to tackling this crisis. Through this innovative approach, landlords have an opportunity to help members of our community find safety and stability, and people experiencing homelessness will have a place to call home.”

“The Housing Command Center and the landlord incentive package are strong examples of what is possible when we bring the innovation, collaboration, and urgency needed in our work to address homelessness,” said Felicia Salcedo, Executive Director of We Are In. “With incentives like guaranteed rent, good tenant coaching, human service supports, and more, the HCC and Partnership for Zero will be able to connect many more individuals to units, helping us achieve our goal of housing people — swiftly and permanently.”

“The Washington State Lived Experience Coalition (LEC) Seattle-King County Chapter is excited that this incentive package removes barriers, such as credit checks and additional documentation, that housed people don’t face so that our unhoused neighbors can get into permanent housing. The LEC appreciates that this package also addresses landlord concerns, namely, guaranteed rent payment, in order to increase the number of units available for our unhoused neighbors.”

About the Housing Command Center

The Housing Command Center is a function of Partnership for Zero, and is becoming the backbone of Seattle and King County’s response to unsheltered homelessness. The HCC acts as a centralized emergency management operation, coordinating, and streamlining the actions required to house people, with a goal of scaling county-wide.

Partnership for Zero is a public-private partnership supported by the City of Seattle, King County, the Lived Experience Coalition, and a group of private businesses through the coalition called We Are In. The partnership earned early support from major local philanthropies such as Ballmer Group, Microsoft, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Raikes Foundation, the Campion Foundation, and many more.

Interested landlords and housing providers should contact