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System Performance

How Well is the System Performing? Seattle/King County is committed to publishing system and program level performance on a quarterly and annual basis. Ongoing…Read More

Continuum of Care Board

The CoC Board meets every month:The regular meeting of the Continuum of Care (COC) Board will be on the first Wednesday of each month, from 2:00…Read More

Year In Review: 2022

After five years living outside, Marie, pictured above, is now in emergency housing and says she feels like a real person again. Since the…Read More

Research Reports

May 2023 2022 Sub-Regional Analysis of Homelessness Services in King County This analysis provides a snapshot of the homelessness services available across King…Read More

Households Served

How Many Households is the King County Homeless Response System Serving? The Household Served dashboards show the number of households receiving services in the…Read More