Regional Services Database

What services are available, and where? Check the new 2022 Regional Services Database.

This essential information is now—for the first time—all collected in one place, validated by our service provider partners, and searchable by type of service and location.

The database includes information about hundreds of programs across King County, and is designed as a tool for service providers, partners, policy makers, advocates, regional leaders and the many people in our community who are dedicated to solving homelessness.

What you will find in the Regional Services Database:

  • 472 Programs that provide homelessness services 
  • 20 Characteristics of each program, including population served, pets allowed, meals offered, storage, etc. 
  • Program Types: Such as Emergency Shelter, Day Center, Safe Parking, etc.
  • Subpopulations served: Such as Veterans, Domestic Violence survivors, LGBTQIA2S+, etc.

Informing Advocacy & Planning

Comprehensive information about the full landscape of homeless services empowers city planners, community partners and the public. With a clear understanding of the resources available, we can all see where there are gaps in services and where additional investments and coordination are needed to achieve better outcomes for people experiencing homelessness.

Connecting to Services

While the database has comprehensive information on services available, please continue to use the 2-1-1 hotline, Coordinated Entry, and the resources listed on our website to connect with services.

A Product of Partnership

Service providers across King County worked closely with our Sub-Regional Planning team to collect and verify all program details. KCRHA is extremely grateful to our provider partners for their daily service to our unhoused neighbors and invaluable contribution to this new tool.

The availability of this resource is in keeping with the Authority’s mandate to unify and coordinate the homelessness response system, and provide accountability and transparency to the public.

Keeping the Data Current

The Regional Service Database will continue to be refined and updated as we learn more about how the community can best use this tool. To ensure program details remain accurate, KCRHA created a simple centralized portal for updates where service providers can list program changes and KCRHA staff will update on a quarterly basis.