CEA Refresher Training

Three upcomng trainings for new and existing Housing Assessors to connect with Coordinated Entry for All (CEA) staff and the HMIS System support team. We will be offering a short demo of the CE Housing Assessor workflow, space for questions, and time to network, and time to share tips and problem-solve with each other.

Trainings will be held:

Housing Assessors are a key part of the Coordinated Entry system, and are responsible for:

  • Operating as the initial contact for the CEA and communicating eligibility for CEA
  • Exploring resources such as diversion, employment, and education.
  • Administering the CEA Housing Triage Tool
  • Communicating with households about next steps and types of resources available
  • Participating in case conferencing.
  • Notifying households about other services, resources, and programs they may be eligible for outside of CEA, including housing through YFHPI (also known as BSK), applicable prevention services, BHRD, Section 8, emergency housing, King County affiliated D.D. housing, and other community-based resources (employment services, behavioral health, domestic violence services, etc.)