Implementation Board

Briefing on Implementation Board Responsibilities

(refer to ILA for full responsibilities)

  1. Meet 6 times/year at set times disclosed to the public
    • Additional special meetings allowed with 24-hours notice
    • Can be electronic meeting, but must follow OPMA
    • Meeting minutes posted
    • Public record rules apply
  2. Within 18 months, create a Five-Year Regional Homelessness Plan, Policies, and Goals that includes a theory of change; specific, measurable actions, outcomes and goals, that the can enable progress tracking; includes Sub-Regional Planning Activities that have been developed with the Governing Committee, Advisory Committee and the Sound Cities Association.
  3. Also create:
    • Annual performance review for the plan
    • Procurement P&Ps
    • A budget for the plan
    • A report that shows funding distribution across programs and locations
    • An annual work plan with sub-regional goals and activities
    • Oversight of major expenditures P&Ps
    • Oversight of CEO authority P&Ps
  4. Formalize sub-regional plans in the 5-year Plan
  5. Regularly review CEO’s performance
  6. Recognize that the Continuum of Care Board as the IB’s Advisory Committee
    • Confirm Continuum of Care Board members as the Advisory Committee members, or appoint new members
  7. After recruitment, recommend the Chief Executive Officer to the Governing Committee for confirmation
  8. Ensure the Governing Committee enacts the plans via contracting, funding, and oversight
  9. Ensure RHA:
    • carries out its duties
    • either contracts to provide ombuds services or creates an office of the Ombuds
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