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In case you missed it, here’s some media coverage that you might find interesting:

It is a rare moment when the resources, sense of urgency and political will to tackle homelessness on such a grand scale align.

Research shows that when rent goes up by $100 from one year to the next, homelessness increases by 15–39% depending on if it’s a rural, suburban, or urban area.

This policy framework could have profound impacts on how cities prioritize spending, their response to encampments, and whether they focus on quick “fixes” like shelter or longer-term solutions like housing subsidies

Those neighborhoods, for the most part, also have some of the fewest resources to help households edging closer to homelessness, either because of smaller budgets, fractured political response or a lack of robust social service networks.

Dones isn’t unrealistic. They know the challenges that the area faces, having worked here for years as a primary architect of the KCRHA. And they know the policy arena into which they stepped when they started as CEO at the end of April. They also see an opportunity to gather the resources of one of the richest areas of the world to get people inside.

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