Improving the Five Year Plan

The 5-Year Plan is our community’s path forward for dramatically reducing unsheltered homelessness. It is a roadmap for our team, and for service providers, advocates, policymakers, and our community as a whole.

Our agency’s focus is squarely on dramatically reducing unsheltered homelessness — and so our Plan’s primary emphasis is on that goal. It also includes a full picture of the scale of homelessness in King County, and though not a budget request, it does outline the costs associated with solving this crisis. 

As we incorporate feedback from partners and the community, we are also analyzing what could be accomplished at various levels of investment over the coming years.   

Here’s an update on our next steps to incorporate community, provider and advocate, and leadership feedback into the Plan.

Community Feedback

The 5-Year Plan opened for public comment on January 18, 2023.

We received 640 survey responses, and heard from others through community “Lunch and Learns”, direct emails, and more. 

Our team is incorporating feedback into the Plan and preparing recommendations for our leadership and boards on the revisions you’ve called for.

Improvement Process

A subcommittee of the Implementation Board called the System Planning Subcommittee will be the primary venue for reviewing revisions to the 5-Year Plan. All subcommittee meetings are open to the public. Participation in the subcommittee is open to all Implementation Board members.

The subcommittee, along with KCRHA’s CEO and leadership team, will review recommendations on revisions and improvements, and will prepare an updated version of our community’s 5-Year Plan for the full Implementation Board to review during their April 20th regular Meeting. 

Thank you for your partnership, and thank you to all who have participated in the formation of our shared 5-Year Plan. 

  • Review the full text of the initial DRAFT 5 Year Plan

Onward together, 

The KCRHA Team 

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