Updating Data Standards and Dashboards

Updated federal data standards, which determine what information is collected in HMIS (the Homeless Management Information System), go into effect on October 1, 2023.

KCRHA is also adding specific local standards that have been approved by the Continuum of Care Board’s System Performance Committee, which will allow collection of information about shelter program sub-type (e.g., congregate or non-congregate), updating client’s location options to include specific unincorporated areas, and expanding collection of sexual orientation information to to all homeless service entry points, not just for youth serving organizations. We have been working with service provider partners to ensure that implementation of the updated standards goes smoothly. 

As we implement the updated HMIS data standards and more forward on implementing our Five-Year Plan, we will stop updating the current data dashboards on our website and develop new dashboards that are based on the Five-Year Plan and that answer questions we regularly receive from the public and the media.

Updating of the current dashboards will cease on October 1, 2023. New dashboards are expected pending sufficient data engineering capacity. 

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