Wildfire Smoke: Red Flag Warning

A red flag warning is in effect for King County.  A Red Flag Warning means that critical fire weather conditions are either imminent or occurring now. Any fires that develop will likely spread quickly. Outdoor burning is not recommended.

KCRHA’s role is to support you in ensuring fire safety and preventing fires from spreading or causing further risk for our unhoused neighbors. 

To prevent the risk of fires, we ask that you please talk to your residents, clients, and people living unsheltered about fire safety. The air quality index is showing that King County is at an unhealthy level but this can be potentially harmful for those who may be sensitive to smoke. Here is information to relay out to those who are unhoused and in the elements that could be at risk:

  • Make sure that cigarettes are completely put out, and do not throw cigarettes out of a vehicle or window. Cigarettes can easily ignite dry grass.
  • Obey burn bans and do not start any fires for any reason
  • Be extra careful with propane tanks and stoves
  • Evacuate if there is smoke or fire near your sleeping area
  • Evacuate if ordered to do so by local authorities
  • Wear a mask that can reduce the risk of smoke exposure. A  N95 mask would be an example of acceptable masks to protect against ongoing smoke exposure
  • Moderate levels could affect those who have COPD, heart disease and asthma

Due to increased smoke, the air quality index is reaching unhealthy levels for all groups. The following shelter will be open during the day

  • Compass Housing Alliance
    • 77 S. Washington
    • Hours of operation are from 12-8
    • Overnight shelter will be available-50 beds will be provided
    • Dinner and breakfast will be provided

for smoke:

  • KC-Metro
    • “Metro will not be waiving fees to get to shelter but will never make fares a barrier to people in safety situations.”

For more information on red flag warning, please refer to the National Weather Services website:


For more information on how to stay safe during a wildfire please take in consideration guidelines from the CDC.

Safety During a Wildfire|Wildfires (cdc.gov)