Funding Opportunities

UPDATE: Deadline extended to Feb 11 for Seattle Non-Congregate Shelter RFP.

Notice of Funding Opportunities

November 23, 2021: Non-Congregate Alternatives to Shelter.

Guided by RHA’s Theory of Change, the Non-Congregate Alternatives to Shelter RFP is intended to extend Seattle’s continuum of comprehensive, person-centered shelter solutions. The RHA expects to award funds for up to three projects that will:

  • Ensure people living without shelter are safe and healthy, and prevent the spread of diseases such as COVID-19.   
  • Provide safe alternatives to encampments for people experiencing unsheltered homelessness in Seattle through the development of non-congregate shelters that emphasize rapid exits to permanent housing.  
  • Promote system transformation to rapidly transition individuals out of non-congregate shelters and into permanent housing.

Additionally, the RFP applicants may apply for one or more RFP categories relevant to their organization’s area of expertise. RFP application categories will include: 

  • Property Acquisition and/or Site Development 
  • Program Operations 
  • Behavioral Health Services
  • Housing Search Services
2021 Funding OpportunitiesAnticipated Funding Process ReleaseAnticipated Funding AvailableAnticipated Contract Start DateAnticipated Funding Process
2021 Non-Congregate Alternatives to Shelter.December 2021Up to $2,400,0001st Quarter of 2022Request for Funding Proposal (RFP)

*These are estimated funding process release dates and funding amounts and both are subject to change. Please visit regularly for formal funding opportunity announcements.

If you have questions about this opportunity, please click here to email our Contracts team.

Please note that KCRHA is not a direct service provider and cannot refer you to housing or shelter; click here for housing and shelter resources.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

Applications for KCRHA funding opportunities will be accepted from any legally constituted entities that meet the following minimum eligibility requirements: 

● Applicant must meet all licensing requirements that apply to its organization. Companies must license, report and pay revenue taxes for the Washington State Business License (UBI#) and Seattle Business License, if they are required by the laws of those jurisdictions. 

● Applicant must have a Federal Tax ID number/employer identification number (EIN) to facilitate payments from the City of Seattle to the provider. 

● Applicant must be incorporated as a private non-profit corporation in the State of Washington and must have been granted 501(C) (3) tax exempt status by the United States Internal Revenue Service, the applicant’s 501(C) (3) status must be in good standing and must not have been revoked in the previous calendar year. 


● Applicant is a federally recognized or Washington State-recognized Indian tribe. OR 

● Applicant is a public corporation or other legal entity established pursuant to RCW 35.21.660 or RCW 35.21.730, the applicant’s status as a legal entity must be in good standing and must not have been revoked in the previous calendar year. 

If the applicant is using a fiscal sponsor, the fiscal sponsor must meet the minimum eligibility requirements above. 

Any other criteria specific to this funding opportunity will be outlined in Guidelines Section IV. For applicants with fiscal sponsors, program specific requirements in Section IV may be met by either the applicant, the fiscal sponsor, or a combination of both. Support services are limited to 501(C) (3) non-profit corporations only. For-profit corporations are not eligible for funding related to the delivery of support services or operations of support services. 

Updated 1.17.22

Proprietary & Confidential Information Form

The State of Washington’s Public Records Act (Release/Disclosure of Public Records) Under  Washington State Law (reference RCW Chapter 42.56, the Public Records Act) states that all  materials received or created by KCRHA are considered public records. These records include  but are not limited to: RFP/Q narrative responses, budget worksheets, board rosters, other  RFP/Q materials, including written/or electronic correspondence. In addition, KCRHA RFP/Q  application materials are released to rating committee members and all rating committee  members must sign and adhere to the Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest Statement.  Personal identifiable information entered on these materials are subject to the Washington  Public Records Act and maybe subject to disclosure to a third-party requester. Examples of  personal identifiable information include:  

● First Name  

● Last Name  

● Date of Birth  

● Social Security Number  

● Financial Account Number  

● Driver’s License Number or other State Identification Number  

KCRHA does not require social security numbers on application materials or reports. For doing  business with KCRHA, it is recommended to obtain a federal taxpayer identification (EIN)  number. 

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